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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Adoring Fans, Line Up Now!

I knew that my husband hadn't been following my blog regularly, but I didn't realize how irregularly he was following it until today, when he asked me if I had an entry on Corpse Bride. "Well, yes," I said, adding that it wasn't really about the movie. (In fact, it wasn't about the movie at all, so I probably ought to have answered "no." )

"Did you say that you would still love me even if I were dead?" my husband asked.

"Well, no. I don't talk about you much in my blog," I replied.

"I want adoring fans!" he said. "Honey, can't I be a Johnson to your Boswell?" Believe it or not, it took me about 60 seconds to realize that that line was a compliment to him rather than to me. I'd explain this by saying that I'm not that swift before noon, but in fact, all of this took place after noon. I haven't had lunch yet, however, so perhaps I can blame it on that. (And let me add, parenthetically, that only an 18th-centuryiest would have said such a thing.)

So, though I make no promises about playing Boswell to my husband's Johnson (especially since they were both men), here's a post soliciting adoring fans to line up now in order to worship (dulia, not latria) my husband. Actually, he keeps talking about the possibility of starting his own blog, so that he can give updates on his life to all the college friends whom he never bothers to email. If he actually does that, I'll probably put a link to his blog here, so that the Adoring Fans have a place to go.

In conclusion, I realize that I have not quite managed to put parenthetical comments into every paragraph. I consider this a failure, but I'll strive to do better. (You have my word!)


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