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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Lake Serpent season opens

Arrrr, mateys, 'tis time to hunt the great serpent!

STOCKHOLM, Sweden - A mythical monster, believed by some to have lived for hundreds of years in the murky depths of a Swedish lake, is now fair game for hunters — if they can find it. Authorities have agreed to lift its endangered species protection.

Click here for the whole story.

In reality, I don't think any of the fans of the monster are going to be trying to kill it, and most likely, they're the only ones who believe it actually exists, so it does seem that declaring it an endangered species is unnecessary. Besides, what would the poor helpless people who live near Lake Storsjon do if the serpant suddenly ran amuck and began killing innocent people? (Aside from producing a made-for-tv documentary about the incident which filmed like a cross between Jaws and Anaconda, I mean!) I can just imagine the scenario now: noble hunter, Beowulf-like, saves town from evil inhuman monster, only to be clapped in prison or saddled with a fine afterwards for destroying the world's only specimen.

Of course, in Storsjo II: the Brood, a crazy geneticist will use DNA from the monster to clone it, only something will go horribly wrong and the clones will have mutant powers. They'll go on a rampage, destroying much of Northern Europe, but no one in the States will even notice.

In fact, now that I think about it, I don't think any one in the States would even watch a movie set in Sweden. Guess I'd better not give up my dissertation in order to write a film script about the Storsjo serpent and the man who loved it.

However, if there's anyone out there who still needs a plot for National Novel Writing month, feel free to use mine- for a modest fee, of course.


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