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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Prayer for Christian Unity

January 18-25, as many of you may know, is celebrated as the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. This is a time when Christians of all different hues and stripes pray -whether together or alone- for the full unity that we believe Christ promised to His Church.

There are a number of different resources available online. I'll list only two: the World Council of Churches webpage, and the Vatican's Resources for the Week of Prayer.

Finally, there's also a way to pray throughout the week focusing on different "families" of Christianity:

Some Christians undertake to pray for different Christian groups on the different days of the Octave. Here is one possible list for that purpose. Please remember that praying that the other group will see the error of its ways and join your group is not the idea.

    (18) East Orthodox, Coptic, and other Eastern Churches
(19) Roman Catholic and Uniate Churches
(20) Anglican, Old Catholic, and allied Churches
(21) Lutheran, Moravian, and Methodist Churches
(22) Congregational, Presbyterian, and Reformed Churches
(23) Baptist, Amish, Mennonite, Hutterite,
and Christian (Disciples of Christ) Churches
(24) Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches
(25) Other groups, particularly "non-mainstream" ones;
theologians and councils seeking to promote
Christian Unity while preserving Christian Truth

- from James Kiefer's website, courtesy of the AIF listserve
(emphasis mine)

I rather like the idea of praying for different communities,
though it is in fact rather hard to pray for unity without praying,
"Lord, change their stubborn hearts." Perhaps one would do best
to quietly substitute "my" for "their" every time this happens.
"Lord, change my stubborn heart" is a prayer all Christians
can make together!


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