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Friday, May 05, 2006

One hour update

This is what my "braised-in-a-pot" lamb breast looks like after a little over an hour of cooking. You can see all the fat, can't you? Yes indeed, this is no low-fat dinner. You can also see just how thick a coating of seasonings I added.

The predominant aroma is of red wine, but the meat is starting to give off an appetizing odor. And you've got to love the color contrast of the red onions peeping out from beneath the meat, right?

Thus far, my fears that the mix would become "soupy" have not been realized. I think that means that I won't need to serve the dish over a pasta bowl full of brown rice, which had been one of the possibilities I considered. I'm still not sure, in fact, what side dishes to add. Pasta, perhaps?

On to Part Three!


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