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Friday, May 05, 2006

When I said it wasn't too soupy. . .

Continued from Earlier

. . . I meant that it wasn't too soupy yet. Here's what the concoction looked at after about 3 hours of cooking. There's lots of lovely broth there. What to do about that?

Fortunately, I had already decided that the main side dish would be lentils, which have the advantge of providing beany vegetable goodness (really: you're supposed to consume dry beans and peas regularly, even if you eat meat) while also working as a rice substitute.

I decided to try preparing 1 cup of lentils in my small round slow cooker, using the broth from the main dish (see above!) for most of the liquid. In the past, using broth from a "soupy" chicken dish has worked well for producing flavorful lentils, and I hope to recreate the same effect today. When I serve the meal, it will probably be in pasta bowls, with a layer of lentils on bottom, followed by the onion and lamb dish. Check back with TheCrockery later to see whether this works!


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