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Monday, July 24, 2006

Fairwell, My Beloved Crockpot

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered to day to mourn the loss of Teresa's medium-sized slow cooker lid. It plummeted violently off of the kitchen counter (so the report goes) and was brutally shattered on the kitchen floor.

The lid, affectionately known to its friends as "Chippy," left behind a widow: an aging crockery cooker of a beige color. The appliance is approximately 30 years old, and is of a generic name (not that there's anything wrong with that), rendering it unlikely that it will be able to find another match as felicitous as the one so unexpectedly broken. Indeed, we anticipate that the pot will go out with the garbage. We hope it will be reuinited with "Chippy" in the great Landfill hereafter.

And in the meantime, the "Tulips" are left without a medium-sized slow cooker. Alas, what are we to do? For the medium sized slow cooker, as all wise cooks know, is the most useful and versatile size, capable of handling recipes which would tax the capacity of a 1 1/2 quart model, without burning them the way a 5 quart model would. Truly, this is a household bereft.

But life goes on, as we know from the Beatles. Already Teresa is making a list of the features she desires in her next slow-cooker relationship. They include:

* removable, dishwasher safe liner

* three settings: high, low, and "warm"

* lid and handles that are cool to the touch, thus obviating the need for an oven mitt.

* brand with a reputation for reliability

* moderate cost

* colors less hideous than those of the seventies models

The last point will, undoubtedly, be easy to satisfy, but will Teresa be able to find a medium-sized slow cooker than meets all of the other qualifications? Tune in next time to learn which model she has selected! And remember: glass lids are delicate creatures. They demand to be treated with tenderness and respect, particularly if they belong to models no longer manufactured. If this message can prevent the fracture of only one slow-cooker lid, Chippy's life will not be in vain.

(We invite fellow mourners to share their fond memories of Chippy in the comment box.)


Blogger Leopoldtulip said...

My fondest memory of Chippy is that he cost $6.

3:01 PM  
Blogger Leopoldtulip said...

And that you got his wife thrown in for free!

5:06 PM  
Anonymous Becky said...

Hahaha I laugh at Chippy's misfortune!!

11:11 PM  
Blogger janeeyreish said...

$6? You've got to be kidding. I'm sorry to say I never met Chippy, but I think I would add to the list, a non-breakable cover. I do love the name "Chippy." It's so expressive. Why would Becky laugh at Chippy's misfortune? It must be sheer jealousy that she hadn't found a $6 crockpot with a wife (or husband) thrown in for free.

10:31 PM  

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