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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Unsleeping Eye of the Defenders of Satire

Once again, I'm blogging about something that Joe Carter said. Readers may wonder "Does she read nothing else?" Yes, actually, I do read other blogs. I am often entertained and enlightened by them. But somehow, Evangelical Outpost often manages to come up with the most interesting controveries. To be fair, other blogs I read do result in long-drawn out combox arguments. I guess I've just gotten a little tired of arguments about whether spaghetti straps are immoral or whether the music of Haugen and Haas was secretly written by demons in Hell. (Come on, people, some of it's good stuff. Really! It's not GIA or OCP's fault your parish only uses the lamest of their work. Blame your music minister. . . but put down those rocks before you talk to Sister.) Evangelical Outpost often provides a fresh perspective to me. . . probably precisely because I'm NOT evangelical myself.

However, I have to admit I'm puzzled by the combox discussion over at Evangelical Outpost this week. Joe wrote an excellent post called
A Letter to the Religious Right, well worth reading even if, like me, you try to distance yourself from all politics because you secretly wish you could be a Democrat. What puzzled me, though, was that so many of the comments were about Joe's criticism of Ann Coulter. Is defending Ann Coulter really what it means to be part of the Religious Right? Yech!

No, of course, I know that there are many fine politically conservative Christians who don't care for Coulter. And some of them spoke up in the combox, too. But I'm still surprised to find that that was apparently the most controversial thing about Carter's "Letter." Who knew?


Anonymous nanhuff said...

Re the bad modern liturgical music. In the most recent Our Sunday Visitor there was an interview with song writer and singer Beth Nielsen Chapman (she wrote "This Kiss" recorded by Faith Hill). A recent project of Beth's is an album of old Latin hymns appropriately titled "Hymns." (It's on my Christmas list, BTW.)

Anyway in the interview she comments thusly: "I wonder sometimes why we don't have as many rich, beautiful liturgical pieces of music these days. I'm afraid that may be in part because there's too much incentive to have an income stream from publishing and an opportunity to make a lot of money in liturgical music with new compositions as opposed to the ones that are public domain."

So, can the dearth of good music be attributable to the love of the almighty dollar? Ever wonder why the bishops dropped their plans to review hymnals? Perhaps the publishers have a powerful lobby?

8:29 PM  

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