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Friday, November 03, 2006

Auctionious Culture

Suppose you found a bag of unopened letters to God. What would you do with the letters, once you'd figured out what they were, where the came from, etc.? Would you:

1) Try to discover who wrote them, and return them to their senders.
2) Burn them, or otherwise dispose of them respectfully.
3) Bring them back to the church setting where they were deposited, so that the church members could deal with them as they see fit.
4) Put them up for auction on E-bay.

People complain about how we live in a commercialized culture, a litiginous culture, or even a libidinous culture. I think it's sad that we live in such an "auctionist" culture that the first thing people think of doing when they find something unusual or significant is to sell it to the highest bidder.


Anonymous nanhuff said...

I briefly thought about bidding on them so we could burn them. The people who wrote them certainly never intended for them to read by anyone.

5:44 PM  
Anonymous nanhuff said...

make that "be read by anyone."

5:45 PM  
Blogger La Mama Loca said...

Option 2.

4:02 PM  
Blogger Teresa H.T. said...

I think I would have gone for option 3 myself. Maybe the church would've wanted them back.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Bob the Baker said...

You know, there are other options, too. First of all, the parish schools around here are always clamoring for more scratch paper. Also, toilet paper is getting to be quite expensive.

Well, if I were actually going to consider making money off of this thing, then I probably would write a book entitled _Letters to God_. And just put them all in that. Auctioning them seems to be a rather crass way of profiting off of them. Have a little class, dude!

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Bob the Baker said...

A follow-up. I guess he removed them, because of some "religious fanatics" (his words). He's received offers from several ministers to take them, and he's evaluating his options to make sure they don't "fall into the wrong hands." WHAT?! But he was going to auction them to the highest bidder! I guess the people with the most money are the people who would be the "right" ones to have them? Wow, sounds like health-and-wealth Gospel to me. I bet he reads _The Prayer Of Jabez_ twice weekly.

1:48 PM  

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