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Monday, February 26, 2007

Come on, reject me already!

I haven't blogged much about the academic job search because, well, it sucks. But today I got a rejection letter in the mail, and it inspired me to share one of the surprising things about the job market: at some point, you actually look forward to getting a rejection letter or email, because then you know for certain that you can extinguish all hope. It may sound counter-intuitive, but I wish more schools would reject me. Because, you see, they already HAVE picked their candidate, in most cases, and odds are good that they've already made their offers. I just wish that they'd have the courtesy to inform me about it.

True, there are some schools that conduct searches in the spring- some places have deadlines in January, February, or March, so I'm still sending out the odd application here and there. I'm not talking about those schools. THOSE schools can feel free to refrain from sending me a rejection letter. In fact, they're quite welcome to call me and set up a phone interview or campus visit.

No, I'm talking about schools that didn't interview me at MLA, but who didn't bother actually informing me that they weren't going to interview me. Or schools which didn't conduct interviews at all. Or schools with which I had some contact, but then zilch. I can pretty much assume that they are no longer interested. . . but I'd like to be certain. I'd like to get a nice little rejection letter full of empty praise about my "interesting" dissertation or something, so that I can mark another school off on my "sent" list. Come on, people, help me keep the list accurate! Reject me already!


Blogger La Mama Loca said...

Teresa wants to be a reject!

10:16 PM  
Anonymous Bob said...

Ok, fine Teresa. No, I won't marry you instead of marrying Becky. Now, don't you feel better about that?

4:37 PM  

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