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Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Blog as Commonplace Book

You may have noticed that I have not been blogging frequently of late. You may have guessed that this had something to do with finishing and defending my dissertation, then moving from the Midwest to an Undisclosed Location. In this, you are partially right.

Moreover, I have contemplated giving up this pseudo-anonymous blog and constructing a new, more personal, less wacky, password-protected blog. You know, the sort of blog that contains fun pictures of and verbal vignettes from my daily life. It'd be the sort of blog in which I'd never make cranky or uncharitable arguments that I'd later regret. And, just so you know, the jury is still out: I might still give up this particular corner of cyberspace.

But I have to admit, there are some things about The Crockery that I like. This post is about one specific aspect that I've been missing sorely: blogging as notation. That's right: blogging as a means of helping the blogger remember something. In my case, the "something" is new recipes. While I haven't been coming up with a large number of new slow-cooker recipes, in recent weeks I did cook up what was probably the best beef stew I've ever made. It was nothing particularly out of the ordinary, just a potato-free variation of the standard beef stew. It contained wine and celery, rice and carrots. It was well seasoned and flavorful. Unfortunately, I don't know with what it was seasoned, because I never wrote down the ingredients. I told myself: "Oh, I'll blog about this recipe later tonight, while I still remember it." Alas, tonight never came. Or rather, it did come, but it did not bring with it the promised recipe, for the simple reason that I never wrote it down.

This means that you, my readers, can never duplicate this wonderful wine-and-rice beef stew. More tragically yet, it also means that I can never duplicate this recipe. I may spend my whole life searching for the perfect beef stew, and never find it. If only I had blogged about it while the memory was still fresh! Or at least started a commonplace book.

Perhaps if I had done so, I would finally know what was in the sugar bowl.


Blogger Geech said...

Your link reminded me of this blog post, which tells a Punisher story in a style aping Lemony Snicket. Good stuff.

11:32 PM  

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