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Friday, August 31, 2007

Litany of Humility

Very interesting prayer posted over at Thinklings. I think it's beautiful, in the right context.

I could see this being misunderstood or abused by people who have low self-esteem. But the virtue of humility is something radically different from pathological self-hatred. The point of humility is not to think you are rubbish and everyone else is better than you. (That's a sign of mental illness, being associated with a number of different personality disorders.) The point of humility is to rejoice in other people's triumphs, achievements, and abilities as much as in your own, and to approach your own work in such a way that it doesn't matter whether you receive the approval, respect, and love that other people may get.

I think that humility has much to do with doing the work you are made to do, without worrying about what other people think of it. Surprisingly, then, humility is more akin to self-confidence than it is to low self-esteem, because when you are confident in yourself or in your work, you will not be broken or crushed by external circumstances so much.


Blogger Leopoldtulip said...

This post reminded me of a passage in _The Screwtape Letters_.

5:24 PM  
Anonymous nanhuff said...

I've heard this prayed on EWTN radio and wanted to have it in print - so, thanks!

5:59 PM  
Blogger Mama Mandala said...

But what if you ARE rubbish and everyone else IS better than you??

5:44 PM  

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