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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Increasingly Moved In

The movers dropped off all of our worldly goods at the beginning of August, and initially, we were quite enthusiastic about opening up boxes, moving furniture around, and placing books on bookshelves. At least, we were enthusiastic about finding such necessities as our plates and silverware, not to mention our dvd player and Leopoldtulip's Wii. Once all of the kitchen goods were unpacked, though, we seemed to lose steam. Then classes started, and the number of boxes unpacked per week slowed to a tiny handful.

There are still boxes littering our apartment, but today I am optimistic. Today I reached a milestone: I hung the last of the pictures on the wall. Technically, there are still a couple of photos that need to be put into frames, and there's still a suncatcher that I have yet to hang up because I don't know how to hang it, but since those items weren't on display in our previous apartment, they don't count. With the exception of a missing calendar, everything we used to have hanging up is now hanging up once again. (And, I was able to crush and dispose of two more boxes.) Woo hoo!

There's a second cause for woo-hooing: we now have cable! No longer must we rely on the sporadic reception of our bunny ears. Now, we're wired, with digital cable, no less. And as I sit at my computer, ostensibly working on academic Project A (but in reality catching up on message boards), I realize something very profound: cable is a bad, bad idea for a procrastinator. I am not even very fond of television, and yet it calls to me. It says "hey, you really ought to figure out how this all works before Leopold comes home, so that you can show him the ropes. Hey, you went to all the work of hanging pictures on the wall, and you deserve a break. Hey, you're going to get a repetitive stress disorder from too much typing if you work at the computer all day. Come to me. Bask in my warm glowing warming glow."

For now, I am resisting, but for how long? If you never hear from me again, O my brothers and sisters, know that I have been swallowed up by the monstrosity that is Comcast.


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